Mentawai Islands Map (Surf Spots/Breaks)

map showing surf breaks and best surfing spots in the mentawai islands, sumatra, indonesiaview on google maps

Mentawai Surf Spots

Bank Vaults

A right-hander barrel picks up a lot of swell, more than most other surf spots.


Short hollow right-hander, has quite a steep takeoff, barrelling towards the channel.


Point break right-hander with a tendency to have a long workable wall. Offers lots of opportunity for cutbacks.


Hollow lefthander that barrels on takeoff, offering a short but sweet ride. Great for big swell days.

Four Bobs

Smaller wave that is great for less experienced surfers, can break left or right with the right side more consistent.


Mega hollow left which breaks on to a reef with a steep as drop bang into a "throaty" barrel. With the holy trinity of high tide, southerly swell and north wind, Greenbusy really opens up.  And when it does, boom kaka boom, Greenbush is all about the barrels :) 


A big hollow left-hander that can be very shallow at low tides. Wave lifts from a small section of reef to barrel into the channel.

Hollow Trees (HT’s)

A perfect right-hander that is one of the most recognisable waves in all of the Mentawai’s. This is a fantastic right-hand barrel which can get quite hairy down on the inside section, be careful of the “surgeons table” as they call it as there can be the occasional reef cut for those who dare.


Left-hander perfect for smaller swell, or for those days when it’s pretty flat elsewhere, still holds some fun waves.

Lances Left

Long left walls can have barrel sections down the line. Considered a fun wave.

Macaroni's (Maccas)

One of the best waves on the planet - Macaronis is not for the faint hearted. Very hollow lefthander offering workable walls and long barrel rides.


Nice right-hander short but sweet ride, Quite deep water so no worries about reef cuts, quite a consistent wave.

No Kanduis

A long barrelling lefthander, can be quite sectiony, best on a larger swell.

Pit Stops

Right-hander that is fun for airs and all the tricks.

Rags Left

Heavy left-hander that holds big swells. Big board recommended and be prepared for the occasional hold down.

Rags Rights

Good right-hander similar to HT’s. Be ready to get barrelled.


Known as one of the most perfect right-hander waves in the Mentawai’s. The bigger it gets the longer the barrel section. Expect long rides deep in hollow barrels.


Left-hander can have some good fun sections, with some wedgy sections. Best on the lower tides.


Left-hander peeling off the reef, can get heavy when its shallow on the inside with big swells.

The Hole

Starts barrelling straight from the takeoff point, this left-hander can be quite impressive in a big swell. Hold your line or it could be a bit gnarly.


Big left-hander likes a bigger swell, workable sections with the odd barrel on offer.