Some Examples of Brian’s Photography

Brian – Your Guide & Surf Photographer

Our on-board surf guide & photographer, Brian Blank is from LA, California where he grew up on the beach. He found a passion for the ocean at a young age and since then surfing & surf photography have become a huge part of his life. Brian has lived in Indonesia for more than 7 years, and has an in-depth knowledge of Mentawai surf conditions and finding the right waves at the right times, as well as the right waves to suit the tastes and skill level of our guests.

Photography Service

To really get the most out of your Mentawai experience, Brian can shoot pro-level photographs of your surf experience using our Canon 7D camera with professional waterhousing. NEW! Our photography service is now all inclusive with your surf charter package, this will get you a copy from start to finish for the entire trip on a USB key.

The Canon has a wide range of high end lenses – including tele-zoom, wide angle and fisheye to ensure we can capture all your magic Mentawai moments. Think about it – what better way to capture your most epic waves and memories, not to mention something to show off and brag about when you get home 🙂

Some of our equipment: Canon 7D, Telephoto, Water-housing, Pelican Case