If you are planning a Surf Trip to the Mentawai Islands and crave those magical memories of sun, surfing, fishing and a keg full of laughs with your mates don’t look any further than Seabourn Surf Charters.

I’ve known Jason from Seabourn for over 20 years and can assure that along with beautiful wife Josie and darling daughter Summer you won’t find a more genuine family and crew dedicated to giving you the ultimate surfing adventure.

Book with Seabourn and go get some Ments Magic!

Brett Bishop

Special thank-you to all the staff on the Maha Bintang.

Best waves of my life aboard a luxury cruiser with 5 mates. Doesn’t get better than that! See you next year.

Cozzy, Mayor of Broken Head (Byron Bay)

We just wanted to say thanks to you, Jason & all the crew on the Maha Bintang for an amazing surfing holiday in the Mentawai Islands.

Sam and Scotty are young SA West Coast boys who had never had so much luxury and fun handed to them for 10 days. We’ve been back for a week now and they both talk about the trip non-stop all day and night.

You really have thought about everything to satisfy addicted surfers needs – a great, friendly and accommodating crew, a magnificent boat with all the toys (game rfishing rods and snorkeling gear) & a respected guide who lets all the guests know exactly where we where going and even providing markers to be right on the take off spots, and fantastic food. Every meal was gourmet – the highlight was the 2 legs of roast lamb and baked veggies served with red wine.

You asked us what you could do to make the trip better – well we’ve thought about it and can’t think of a thing! – we loved it and could have stayed longer it was so comfortable and fun – incredible value for 5 star everything!

Thanks once again!

David, Sam & Scotty

Thanks to Jason from Seabourn Surf and his staff on the Maha Bintang.

Great food, great service and best of all, great waves! Most definitely booking my spot for next year.

Chris Slattery

As this was the first real holiday I’d taken for three years, I was determined to go somewhere with consistent world class waves.

I could not have been happier with my trip onboard the Maha Bintang. Being totally pampered onboard an uncrowded, luxury boat was definitely the way to go. We had an awesome trip and scored overhead rifles and long barrels at Lance’s Left.

I slept in comfort, ate like a king and surfed the best waves of my life. The Maha Bintang was one of the best boats up there, and other guys looked on with envy everywhere we went!

Matt Gunn

There is nothing better than taking a well deserved holiday with your best friends, and we sure did have an amazing time on our Mentawai surf charter on the amazing Maha Bintang.

We surfed three times a day, every day.

In my spare time, I had endless fun catching Spanish mackerel, Tuna and GT’s, just to name a few. I bought my own fishing gear with me, but they had awesome gear on-board already, including big game rods that we trawled daily. Everyone enjoyed eating my fish, and the chef always had a variety of ideas, from Japanese sushi style to fish curries.

For surfers and fisherman alike, I would highly recommend booking a trip on the Maha Bintang.

Ben Cronk